About Us

Company Background

Over 5 decades of experience, Eik Seng Machinery Sdn. Bhd. strives to provide the best product and service to its customers and associates. Stringent quality control ensures that customers will only receive the finest quality products. Our customer base ranges from small businesses to government bodies.

Our Mission

Partnering for Life
Our slogan emphasizes on our mission to build long lasting relationships with our customers by listening and understanding their needs. We aim to become a trusted source where customers may confidently and comfortably obtain quality products and information.

We welcome companies and organizations to cooperate and partner with us as we are confident that we are able to assist and provide support by improving the product quality and work efficiency through the applications of technology.

ESM Today
We transitioned from a small humble company into an organization which not only passionately strives towards growth, but also connecting and providing the best service to our customers. We recognize that the importance of our environment for the future generations therefore we are constantly improving the quality of our products to be more environmental friendly while maintaining the highest level of efficiency and quality.